TTYL Meaning

TTYL Meaning: Talk To You Later

TTYL Meaning:TTYL” stands for “Talk To You Later.” It’s a friendly way to indicate that you’re ending a conversation but plan to talk again in the future.

Usage Examples:

  1. Text: “Hey, I gotta go. TTYL!Response: “No problem, TTYL!
  2. Text: “I’ll send you the details tomorrow. TTYL!” Response: “Sounds good, TTYL!”

Origin:TTYL” originated in the early days of online chatting and texting as a quick way to indicate that you’ll talk to someone again at a later time. It became popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s with the rise of instant messaging platforms.


  • TTYN: “Talk To You Never” – Used humorously to indicate that you have no intention of talking to the person again.
  • TTYS: “Talk To You Soon” – Similar to TTYL but implies a shorter time frame for the next conversation.

Related Terms:

  • BRB: “Be Right Back” – Used to indicate a temporary absence from the conversation.
  • LOL: “Laugh Out Loud” – Used to indicate laughter in response to something funny.

Emojis to Enhance Understanding:

  • 👋 (Waving Hand)
  • 📞 (Telephone Receiver)
  • 🕒 (Clock)

Cultural References:

TTYL” has become a widely recognized and accepted way to say goodbye in text messaging and online communication. It’s commonly used among friends, family, and colleagues to indicate that the conversation will continue later.

Usage Tip:

Use “TTYL” when you want to end a conversation on a friendly note, indicating that you’ll reconnect with the person at another time. Pair it with a waving hand emoji 👋 or a telephone receiver emoji 📞 for added emphasis!

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